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By Date

20220607 Help to Heap SUID Privilege Escalation:

Using the "ntfs-3g" SUID help function to enlarge the attack surface, work through the heap and escalate privileges in the end.

20210626 Using the Android USB Driver to Extract Data as USB Mass Storage Device:

Expose the complete internal storage via USB using a small program and let the Android kernel do all the work.

20210518 Using Xterm to Navigate the Huge Color Space:

XTerm control sequences may pick up overlong color names and submit them via libX11 unsanitized disabling X server authentication completely.

20210215 A Love Letter to the Baron: Broken NO_ROOT_MAILER Eases Exploitation

How the broken NO_ROOT_MAILER affected exploit complexity.

20210208 Rigged Race Against Firejail for Local Root:

Using blocking IO on pipes, terminals to block victim processes and hence easily win the file system related races.

20210128 A Love Letter to the Baron: on Baron Samedit: Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo (CVE-2021-3156):

Reproducing the sudo heap overflow a.k.a. "Baron Samedit" (CVE-2021-3156) by Qualys and finding something different.