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By Date

20210626 Using the Android USB Driver to Extract Data as USB Mass Storage Device:

Expose the complete internal storage via USB using a small program and let the Android kernel do all the work.

20210518 Using Xterm to Navigate the Huge Color Space:

XTerm control sequences may pick up overlong color names and submit them via libX11 unsanitized disabling X server authentication completely.

20210215 A Love Letter to the Baron: Broken NO_ROOT_MAILER Eases Exploitation

How the broken NO_ROOT_MAILER affected exploit complexity.

20210208 Rigged Race Against Firejail for Local Root:

Using blocking IO on pipes, terminals to block victim processes and hence easily win the file system related races.

20210128 A Love Letter to the Baron: on Baron Samedit: Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo (CVE-2021-3156):

Reproducing the sudo heap overflow a.k.a. "Baron Samedit" (CVE-2021-3156) by Qualys and finding something different.